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I have decided to put up this blog due to overwhelming demand of users of HILTON Anti-Seizure Herbal medication to share their testimonies and encourage others to experience breakthrough from epilepsy and seizures just like they found. In life, there is nothing like a hopeless situation when one is willing to try. Our search for light begins when we get fed up with gross darkness.
So many people out there have been discouraged from “natural medicine” they have been warned and threatened by Western Doctors not to have any dealing with Herbal medicines. They have raised fear and apprehension to enslave humans in the chains of chemicals of English medications. Most seizure and epilepsy patients have lived in such fears for decades. They denied their selves the love of Mother Nature through HERBS., and become addicted to Western medications. 
Most people who doubts"natural cure through herbs" failed to look inward and ask objective questions. They willingly become blinded to the power within, and refused to push the bottom of courage which life breakthrough decisions are anchored on. They failed to ask: if Western Doctors can provide treatment for decades with chemical drugs, what stops them from providing a cure?  Why should I keep buying drugs for control, instead of a cure? The answer is quite a simple one. “A patient cured is profit lost.” We all know this fact, but fear has kept most patients as medical experimental puppet whose precious life is used to test Western Pharmaceuticals drugs that does not offer a cure. 
Today, we are doing everything to let people know about the power of Mother Nature. We want people to break free from epilepsy and seizures through HILTON ANTI-SEIZURE HERBAL Medicine. All life came from nature, and nature never forsakes its own. Over the years, we have done this without relenting. 
We want to state here categorically that, Epilepsy and Seizure as a medical topic is broad, and encompassing, so we cannot claim to cover every topic on the subject on our blog. We therefore encourage those interested to visit other medical blogs and website for more knowledge.

Understanding Seizure and Epilepsy

What is a seizure?

To understand what a seizure is, you must first understand how the brain works. The brain is comprised of thousands of neurons – cells that process and transmit information by interacting with each other. These interactions can be observed and assessed through an electroencephalogram (EEG) In most brains, neuron interactions occur in a chaotic but balanced, orderly fashion with few disruptions. Occasionally, small disruptions (neuron misfires) may occur with little consequence. Seizures occur when multiple cells misfire at the same time depending on the severity and location in the brain – it may cause muscle twitches and spasms. A seizure is therefore a sudden, electrical discharge in the brain causing alterations in behavior, sensation, or consciousness.

Types of Seizures

There are several types of seizures. Seizures that appear to begin everywhere in the brain at once are classified as Generalized Seizures, while those beginning in one location of the brain are classified as Partial Seizures.

Partial (or Focal) Seizures occur when seizure activity is restricted to brain networks in one hemisphere. There is a site, or a focus, in the brain where the seizure begins. Different areas of the brain have different functions, so a person’s experience during a focal seizure and what other people may witness will depend on which region of the brain the seizure activity is occurring in.
If a seizure begins in a brain region that is responsible for processing visual information, a person could have a temporary disturbance in their vision. If a seizure begins in a brain region that is responsible for movement, a person could have a temporary uncontrollable twitching of one or more body parts. If a seizure begins in a brain region that is responsible for feelings, a person could have a change in their emotions such as a sudden onset of fear.

The most common forms of focal seizures are:
• focal seizure with retained awareness (sometimes referred to as an aura)
• focal seizure with loss of awareness (or focal dyscognitive)

After a focal seizure begins, the seizure activity will either remain in a localized area or the seizure activity may spread to other brain areas either within the same hemisphere or the opposite hemisphere. A focal seizure with retained awareness can evolve into a focal dyscognitive seizure. A focal seizure can also evolve into a generalized tonic-clonic (convulsive) seizure. Some people with focal epilepsy have a single focus where their seizures always originate. Other people have more than one seizure focus, known as multi-focal epilepsy.

Generalized Seizures: occur when there is widespread seizure activity in the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Some of the different types of generalized seizures are:

Absence Seizures (formerly known as petit mal): In an absence seizure, epileptic activity occurs throughout the entire brain. It is a milder type of activity that causes unconsciousness without convulsions. After the seizure, the person has no memory of it. An absence seizure begins and ends abruptly and without warning. It consists of a period of unconsciousness with a blank stare. It may look like the person is daydreaming. Absence seizures are brief, usually lasting only two to 10 seconds. There is no confusion after the seizure, and the person can usually resume full activity immediately. The person may lose muscle control and make repetitive movements such as:
·    Rapid breathing
·    Rhythmic blinking
·    Slight movements or tugging at clothing
·     Chewing Movement

Tonic-Clonic Seizure
Tonic-Clonic or convulsive seizures (formerly known as grand mal): During a generalized tonic-clonic (formerly grand mal) seizure, electric discharges instantaneously involve the entire brain. The person loses consciousness right from the beginning of the seizure. A tonic-clonic seizure usually lasts one to three minutes, but may last up to five minutes. If seizures last more than five minutes, or occur one after another without recover between seizures, the individual may be experiencing. This continuous seizure state is a life-threatening. The person will usually emit a short, loud cry as the muscles in the chest contract and the air rushes between the vocal cods, making a sound. This cry does not indicate pain. The muscles will stiffen (tonic phase), causing him/her to fall to the floor. Increased pressure on the bladder and bowel may cause wetting (urinary incontinence) or soiling (fecal incontinence). The person may bite the tongue, which may cause bleeding.
The extremities will then jerk and twitch rhythmically (clonic phase). Saliva that has not bene swallowed during the seizure may froth at the mouth. Breathing may be irregular as the respiratory muscles may be affected. The person will regain consciousness slowly.

The period after the seizure is referred to as the post-ictal state. During this time, the person will need to rest. It may be difficult to wake him/her or get any response from him/her during this time. After a seizure, the person may feel fatigue, confusion and disorientation, which may last from five minutes to several hours or even days. Rarely, this disorientation may last up to two weeks. The person may fall asleep, or gradually become less confused until full consciousness is regained. S/he may have a headache once s/he regains consciousness. There is no evidence that tonic-clonic seizures cause brain damage.

There is often no apparent reason why a seizure occurs at one time and not at another. However, for some people with epilepsy certain factors triggers the condition.

Possible triggers may include:
  • Stress or anxiety.
  • Some medicines such as antidepressants, ant-ipsychotic medication
  • Lack of sleep, or tiredness
  • Irregular meals (or skipping meals) which may cause a low blood sugar level
  • Heavy alcohol intake or using street drugs.

What is Epilepsy?

Abnormal electrical signals in the brain
Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures.  It is a brain disorder in which clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain sometimes signal abnormally causing strange sensations, emotions, and behavior, or sometimes convulsions, muscle spasms, and loss of consciousness. Epilepsy is not contagious and is not caused by mental illness or mental retardation. It is worth stating here that, a recurrent unprovoked seizure is epilepsy.

Types of Epilepsy

Epileptic Patient
There are several types of epilepsy, each with different causes, symptoms. Here are two major form of epilepsy.

Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy

In idiopathic generalized epilepsy, there is often, but not always, a family history of epilepsy. Idiopathic generalized epilepsy tends to appear during childhood or adolescence, although it may not be diagnosed until adulthood. In this type of epilepsy, no nervous system (brain or spinal cord) abnormalities, other than the seizures, can be identified on either an EEG or imaging studies ( MRI). The brain is structurally normal on a brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan, although special studies may show a scar or subtle change in the brain that may have been present since birth.
The types of seizures affecting patients with idiopathic generalized epilepsy may include:
  • Myoclonic seizures (sudden and very short duration jerking of the extremities)
  • Absence seizures (staring spells)
  • Generalized tonic-clonic seizures (grand mal seizures)

Symptomatic Partial Epilepsy

Symptomatic partial (or focal) epilepsy is the most common type of epilepsy that begins in adulthood, but it does occur frequently in children. This type of epilepsy is caused by a localized abnormality of the brain, which can result from strokes, tumors, trauma, congenital (present at birth) brain abnormality, scarring or "sclerosis" of brain tissue, cysts, or infections. Sometimes these brain abnormalities can be seen on MRI scans, but often they cannot be identified, despite repeated attempts, because they are microscopic.
Possible Causes of Epilepsy
Epilepsy has many possible causes, from illness to brain damage to abnormal brain development. Genetics may also play a role. The following could be possible cause of epilepsy.
  •  Brain tumors
  • Alcoholism
  • Alzheimer's disease, 
  • Strokes
  • Heart Attacks
  • Head injury
  • Prenatal injury

Epilepsy and Seizure Difference
Most people believe that having a seizure equates having epilepsy. Although the two terms are often used simultaneously, a seizure (which is a single occurrence) is different than epilepsy (which is defined as two or more unprovoked seizures). A seizure is brief, temporary disturbance in the electric activities of the brain. Seizure is a symptom of epilepsy,
  • If you have one seizure without a clear cause, there’s about a 1 in 2 chance you’ll have another one.
  • If you have one seizure with a known cause (like a brain injury or other known brain condition), then you are twice as likely to have epilepsy.
  • If you have two seizures, there's about a 4 in 5 chance that you'll have epilepsy.
  • If your first seizure happened at the time of an injury or infection in the brain, you are more likely to develop epilepsy. Often, more seizures don’t happen until weeks or months after the injury or infection.


There is no specific age for an individual to develop epilepsy. Epilepsy can start at any age, but 50 percent of all cases occur before the age of 2 and above 50 years of age. Boys are slightly more likely to develop epilepsy than are girls.


Western Medications
Using Western medications for epilepsy treatment holds a lot of side effects. They are hundreds of different forms of pharmaceutical anticonvulsant medications sold on the market. These drugs produced  different nature of complications to users. From suicidal thoughts to liver and bleeding cases. It is worth stating that these drugs do not provide a cure. Prescription and Over-The-Counter (OTC) drugs generally worsen seizures. They functions as a dopamine antagonist, and also inhibits serotonin, epinephrine, and histamine to an extent. It on long run causes shrinkage of hippocampus, having lasting effects on memory. If in doubt, please look it up.


Clonazepam: This medication is an Oral Tablet used in the treatment of seizure and epilepsy. Clonazepam just like all Western anticonvulsant medications it has extreme side effects which most patients and caregivers have no knowledge. Some of its side effects includes: drowsiness, depression, fatigue, problems with memory, depressed mood or thoughts of suicide (harming yourself) etc.

Felbamate: Felbamate is a prescription drug which we can call Over the Counter (OTC) This pharmaceutical medication is available in oral tablet. Its side effects are: trouble sleeping, liver problems, attempts to commit suicide, bleeding from your gums or nosebleeds etc

Lamictal: Is also a prescription drug used for treatment. Its side effects are: bleeding from the gums, attempts to harm or kill yourself, aggressive or violent behavior, extreme increase in activity and talking etc

Topiramate (Topamax): This drug is a prescription drug. It is available in these oral forms. Like other AED's here are its side effects: thoughts about suicide or dying, trouble thinking clearly, problems concentrating, remembering, paying attention, and speaking etc.


A lot of people have asked me how I came about HILTON and the reason it is so effective that it provides total and permanent cure where Western medications failed. I have had questions why it has no side effects they get from Western medicines. They use for seizure treatment, which does not produce a cure, but accompanied with chronic side effects.

When we talk about Herbal Medicine, we refer to a treatment modality using the inherent healing properties of plants as medicine. The parts of the plant used include roots, seeds, leaves, flowers, stems and indeed the whole plant depending on the herb. Without doubts, from the records of the ancients Egyptians, Romans, Babylonians and other great cultures of the world, Herbal Medicine remains the oldest medicine for millennia. It is on record that over 80% of the world’s population use herbal remedies as part of their health care. Using herbs is not strange, but to get the best from these plants, it requires specialized knowledge which may take a number of years to achieve.
Stem of Herb
Roots of Herbal Plant

Blended Herbal Seeds

Over the years, humans have come to the realization that no matter how they try, the law and power of nature cannot be uttered. Science has done well over these years, but it is natural to have the Sun rise and set; to have fishes live, survive and thrive in water, to have humans live on oxygen. These are natural phenomena. We can only learn to use them for ourselves either for good or bad, but we cannot alter their powers and strength. Just like Herbs, how we chose to use them determines the result we get from them.

I did not stumble on the idea of HILTON. It took me great number of years to gain the knowledge I have. I have combined the wisdom of ancient traditions, clinical experience, and dedicated years in travelling around the world to understand the power of healing the body through nature. Think about this, before most Western medicines are sold to humans, it undergoes all manner of testing using animals to know their reactions. Animals in the busy that have no access to Veterinary doctors know the right plant and parts to feed on when they are sick. It may be laughable, but it is a natural fact.

Active ingredients found in herbs are supported by synergistic actions of all its other chemical constituents.  This synergy allows the herb to exert its therapeutic affects and at the same time remove the potential for unwanted side effects. Herbs are medicines with many actions available in a single plant. This is quite different from pharmaceutical formulations that commonly have one action and combined chemicals that react negatively to its users. 

Right Herbal remedies are suitable for both acute and chronic conditions. Herbs used in making HILTON are individualized; there are chosen to simultaneously treat seizure based on the medical history of the individual which eventually produce a cure.  It very effective for the individual as it made based on the present symptoms. Herbs used in making HILTON are tonics to body systems; they support generalized well being and create resilience in times of stress. Our medicine is designed to alleviate symptoms and strengthen body systems. I believe that the body is continually striving for balance and that natural herbs can support this process by restoring balance and increasing vitality which brings about increased energy, improved health and a greater sense of well being. 

While it is safe to use herbs, I must point that when there are not prescribed by a specialist it becomes dangerous to health. Many herbs may contain high levels of heavy metals, including lead, mercury, and cadmium. So it is important to purchase herbal medicines or supplements from reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and result. 

Do not place money over your health in buying cheap herbal medicine online. HILTON is not an online business idea, due to the need to help people who might not have known the power of herbs is our drive for this blog. My herbal medicine is not a voodoo, it is all natural combination of effective herbs.


Herbs Garden

HILTON Anti-Seizure herbal medicine formally called Epilepsy Herbal Cure, is a unique product of GREENER HERBAL WORLD. Hilton is a product of extensive cross continental research of various herbs to ensure a natural alternative devoid of side effects is made available to cure epilepsy permanently. Our product has been in existence for over three decades. It has continued to undergo research  tailored to the specific need of the intended user.

The crux of our success is our innovative passion to get the best out of herbs to cure seizure. HILTON is free from toxic chemicals used in producing Conventional medications. We have recorded verifiable tremendous success of those who had been permanently cured with my herbal mode of treatment provided all protocols are followed within the period of seven (7) months.  HILTON Anti-Seizure Medication is "all natural". It is devoid of side effects and complications. Herbs used for HILTON are grown in advanced laboratory under regulated climate. Our product is always subjected to comprehensive and practical approach of testing equipped with high-performance to ensure its free from pesticides, contaminants, heavy metals and solvents. Herbs used in production are naturally safe even to those that may not have used herbal medicine for treatment and cure of seizures. HILTON is safe and suitable for all ages.


HILTON is produced and package according to the information provided by the user or caregiver. Knowing that they are various forms of seizures, if the intended user is allergic, how long the epilepsy had been and current and past medications, we take all these into consideration before making our product.

We provide support through the time of using HILTON, by staying in touch through email, in order to ensure that all protocols are being observed  while using our Herbal medicine. We also prescribe other natural method that will enhance and hasten healing. To get HILTON, we provide a contact email to reach Dr. Mohan, where you place your order according to specific answers provided by the intended user or caregiver. 


We do not advertise our products. GREENER HERBAL WORLD the maker of HILTON Anti-seizure medicine and other Herbal medications has been in existence over three decades. We have recorded countless victories in curing ailments which has defiled Western Medications.

HILTON is a unique product which extensive research has been devoted to its production over the years. As a result, we do not engage in formal advertising, which Herbert George Wells called “legalized lying.” Rather we encourage users HILTON to share their breakthrough testimonies on every platform both online and office for others to be helped.

HILTON and other GREENER HERBAL WORLD products are made at request. We send out questionnaire to prospective clients/caregivers who contact us. These questions are meant to obtain the health information of intended user. We inquire about the manner of seizure or epilepsy, the current or past medication(s) as well as supplements; if our client is allergic; we also welcome medical records of our clients. This enable us to produce HILTON in line with user health information. HILTON anti-seizure medicine cannot be seen in drug stores, it is made based on order in strict compliance to Food and Drug Administrative regulations.


Money Back Guarantee Policy
HILTON is not an experimental Herbal medicine. Our claims are documented and verifiable through testimonies at our offices. We provide 100% Money Back Guarantee should our Herbal medicine fail, provided all attached protocols are observed. We ensure that all money spent on purchase of HILTON is refunded fully.


Special Delivery
We deliver our product worldwide using effective courier service like DHL, UPS, FedEx and courier service(s) that may be suitable to the user. HILTON is processed within 4-5 working days and delivered to your location anywhere you are in the world.


Urgent Reply of Emails
We have urgent email reply in case of inquiries and order placement. Contact Dr. Mohan directly via


We provide a platform on our blog to publish your testimonies and tell others about HILTON. We encourage every user of our product to share their breakthrough stories on all blogs. When sending in your testimonies, be brief and concise. In sharing your stories, avoid using your real names but tell us where you are sending it from as this will help people in your country believe that HILTON can reach their location.


We appreciate those taking out time to send us their written and video testimonies on the power of HILTON to completely and permanently cure epilepsy and seizure. We wouldn’t have gotten this far without your encouragement and faith in us. Thank you for using HILTON!!! In the battle between light and darkness, the end always see light coming out brighter and stronger! 

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It has been my desire to share this story as an appreciation to HILTON Herbal Medicine which completely and permanently cured my grandchild of seizure. I know it is confusing for every mother when their child suddenly develop seizures. I would not want to bore you with my story as a young grandmother. I will be brief as possible in sharing my story about HILTON. I hope our story inspires you to believe and never give up because HILTON is a true cure to fit.

My grandson developed seizure after he got injured during vaccination at 6 months old. I was new to such challenge because he is my first grandchild. As expected, the first step we took was to visit a pediatrician and a neurologist. He was examined and the doctor recommended he be placed on KEPPRA. We did that and watched with hope that he will improve. Initially, his seizures were very frequent. His parents were afraid and confused. We visited doctors again and his medications and dosage were changed. More complications resulted from its use. In spite of that, we had hope he will be fine as long as we kept to his prescriptions given by doctors. Months turned into his first birthday, with more complications rather than cure that we stopped his conventional medications.

Our search for a cure was a passionate one. We were not desperate, because being a child, we could not offer him just any medicines to avoid complications. We successfully weaned him of his conventional medications and opted for homeopathy treatment which we had little breakthrough as his seizures frequency reduced. We could not achieve that while he was on English medications. I have had a good wealth of experience with herbal medicines as our parents brought us up to appreciate herbs. Initially when his seizures became so frequent, I recommended herbs but my daughter and her husband were skeptical, they later gave in after we had spent a lot of money on doctors without getting results. You know the love you have for your child and you wished you could trade places so they can have their lives back. It was a terrible pain in our heart to watch every episode of his seizures, which he had over 50 daily. 

I began my intense search for effective herbs that could help his seizures. I believed there was a way out. I read all I could about herbal medicines, visited blogs and websites. I devoured all articles I could find on the internet on natural cure to help him. Actually I made a lot of contacts of claims of persons who said they offer cure for seizure. It was all cheap scams. I was angry of those taking advantage of those already sick. When I read Seizure Cure blog of Doctor Mohan, I was impressed by what I read but I had doubts too, you know anyone could claimed to be anything. I thought he was actually like anyone with fake claims for a cure for seizure on the internet. I was hesitant but I am glad I did made the move in late 2015. Dr. Mohan was a caring father who took up my grandson case with zeal to help. Lesley used HILTON as prescribed in a space of one month, we observed his seizures became controlled. We continued till seven months as Mohan instructed, and we got a breakthrough. It has been 3 year he became seizure free.  No sign or symptoms of it after using HILTON as treatment. I am glad I took that step to send an email to Mohan.

I am not a sales person, I only shared this story because I promised Mohan that I will if my grandson got his cure which he did 3 years ago. If you think your child had seizures and you chose to opt for natural cure, HILTON remains the best alternative. This is not a scam, I am a grandmother and cannot reduce myself to lying. I hope my story helps in any way. If it does not, I wish you find elsewhere too. The health of your loved one is far more important than doubts. Like Mohan said in one of his email to me "the road not taken, you do not know where it leads".

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Hello Doctor Mohan, with much gratitude I am writing to show my deep appreciation to HILTON and also for your awesome support all through my time of using your life changing medication. Perhaps you might have forgotten. Quick reminder, I contacted you 3 years ago, and I told you, you were my last hope of being cured from temporal lobe seizure or will have to end my life. I’ll never forget the encouragement I received from you that I should never give up, “that when dawn is near, the night gets darker.”  I have prayed you build a blog one day, where I can share my story so others would read and have a reason to fight on. I know you receive hundreds of testimonies; I pray mine will be published one day.

I was a High School teacher until my retirement from classroom. Back when I was a teaching, I prided myself in my excellent memory. Having the ability to recall facts, speak eloquently, and mentor others, was all I lived for. I was having a nice life, jobs was going fine until one day I noticed that my memory wasn’t what it used to be. I was struggling to recall and retain facts. This was what I did with ease. I struggled to increase my study time and pace, because I felt I was not doing enough. As the year progress, I discovered that the more I studied, the less I recall. I thought I was having dementia or age was really catching up with me. At 50 years, I had spent part of my life sitting down reading everything on ink and print. As time progressed, symptoms became frequent with other complications.  As a result, I visited my doctor who advised I should visit a neurologist for proper diagnoses.

My visit to a neurologist proved I had what he called Temporal Lobe Seizure. Well before them, I have heard of epilepsy, but temporal lobe seizure wasn’t a familiar word I had associated with epilepsy. I went for further search in the internet; talked to doctors I know and even talked to epilepsy foundations to broaden my knowledge of what I’ll be facing.

There were lots of constraints living with epilepsy. I had to abide with certain do’s and don’ts I wasn’t used to. The first down side was that I had to surrender my driving license. Yea! How painful that was. It means I had to depend on someone to drive me around. I felt like I was being watched. Like my freedom had been taken away from me. They were other rules. Like the kind of exercise I should engaged in and foods. In spite of keeping to these rules religiously, my seizures were getting worst. Phonation and other drugs which are Anti-epileptic drug were prescribed to try and stop my seizures, but none proved suitable. Instead my liver reacted badly to the first drugs. The second drug failed to control the seizures. I began to feel very dejected and for the first time started to feel depressed. Suicidal thoughts became so real. I looked for every opportunity to risk my life and just die to have final rest from it.

On these epileptic days of my life, my son took care of me, drove me around and ensures I stayed on my meds. I was told by my doctor never to take a single break without taking my meds. Hell! I obeyed. I don’t want to die. But ironically, these Conventional Medications were killing me. I know they were, but I was scared of dying from SUDEP from what I have read.

In desperation, I started visiting neurologists looking for a cure. Because I had stayed on these English medications long enough and I have not gotten a cure except more complications. I wanted other natural alternative devoid of side effects created by Phonation and other anti-seizure drugs. Well, my search continued until someone suggested Herbs as a better alternative to treatment. But what do I know about Herbs, I am not an Herbalist so I know little about Herbs. I did more findings on various blogs where I saw lots of comment where people shared testimonies’ of being cured from what I called chronic epilepsy. Mine was just partial or focal as I learned. Herbs had cured people diagnosed of generalized seizures, so mine won’t be an issue.

I needed to get Herbal medication for my seizures. So I read a lot of blogs where people who shared their testimonies kept mentioning HILTON Anti-seizure Herbal medication. I searched for a blog on HILTON didn’t find one. I just followed the email address of Doctor Mohan that was shared on these testimonies; I got lucky when I got a reply from Dr. Mohan. I followed his instruction, used HILTON in less than 2 months, my frequent seizures reduced drastically. Within a period of 5 months, I was cured. I went back to my neurologist, where I was checked up and marked epilepsy free.

Long story right… I can’t say all this in 10 lines, but if you are reading this, I want you know that HILTON is the main drug for you in the cure for epilepsy. It worked for me; I believe it will work for you also. Again, Thanks Doc as I believe you will share my story.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016



                              CARL STORY FROM AUSTRALIA

As a promise to Doctor Mohan, I’ll share my HILTON breakthrough story from epilepsy to help others. I will happily share this to help others know that seizures and epilepsy has a CURE through HERBAL MEDICATION without side effect. I really don’t like writing prose, but I’ll try to say everything about my seizures and how I nearly committed suicide due to extreme side effects from Rufinamide and others AED’s drugs I was taking due to frequent seizures.

My name is Carl; I am 56 years old, happily married with kids in college. I worked for a construction company for 20 years and life was fine, until I had a serious head injury. I woke up after one week in ER. I took time to recuperate and I was normal again after 6 months. It all started when I woke up to my routine exercise, first I felt so dizzy, I sat down for about 10 minute and was a bit okay. Immediately I stood up to walk, I fell on the ground and woke up in ER. After series of diagnoses, the doctor came up with a report that I have seizure. When the seizure became so frequent, I went back to hospital where my neurologist confirmed that I have epilepsy…. Since then, my life became an uninterrupted fusillade of doctors’ appointments, hospital visits, medications, blood tests, and therapies, and none of it gave me that elusive, lengthy break from the dogged and mysterious force that strikes like lightning all too frequently inside my brain.
I started taking doses and doses of English medication, for treatment. I got to a stage where I was taking more than 20 different anticonvulsant medications. The more I took these drugs, the worst my seizures became. I started having the thoughts of suicide. Yes, end it all kind of life. I never knew how to start living a life I never lived for the past 46 years. They stopped me from driving, swimming and I was followed because my seizures were so frequent that it could happen anywhere…Am thankful for my wife and kids, they were really my Angels. Each time I woke up from the hospital bed, I always opened my eyes to my wife sitting by my bedside and my kids sent flowers every time.

I’ll return home, took English medication I was asked to take, but after taking these drugs, the thoughts of suicide kept coming, depression, fever, a lot of complications. A day came I was seriously depressed and was thinking of jumping off a cliff.  So I started making plans towards that; wrote my wills, did a lot of crazy stuffs though. My wife watched me and was always by my side giving me a reason to live. She was doing a lot of search for me….she attended a lot of foundations I registered with, whenever I couldn’t make it. Took notes, asked questions, feed me on the diet recommended diets by doctors and from the foundation.

I woke up from ER one day, and decided I have a good reason to life. I needed to end all Conventional Medications and face life as it comes. I needed to kick death out of the way. I became desperate for a cure. My doctors told me that there is no cure to epilepsy that all I could get was treatment. I just refused to believe them. I searched the internet every day, my kids joined in the look up as well. OUR GOAL WAS TO GET A CURE… I and my wife started talking to a lot of folks. We read hundreds of blogs and websites; we saw a lot of testimonies about Doctor Mohan anti-seizure medication… I was not a fan of Herbal Medication, because I once believed that they have not researched it enough. But due to numerous testimonies on HILTON I was more than willing to try it…. It became a miracle for me. I broke free from incessant seizures within 3 months of use. Today, I kicked epilepsy out…. I got totally cured from seizures by using HILTON anti-seizure medications…. I’m a great preacher of HILTON everywhere, because I believe if I could defeat epilepsy after 10 years of head injury, anyone could as well.

Friday, March 18, 2016


Arnold Testimony


Hallo Dr. Ajay, wie geht es dir? Tut mir leid, ich kann nicht auf Englisch schreiben, aber ich vertraue dir, was du übersetzen kannst. Mein Name ist Benno, ich und meine Frau schreibe aus Deutschland und danke für deine Medizin HILTON. Es hat wirklich an der Epilepsie unseres Sohnes gearbeitet

Bevor wir Sie kontaktieren würden, dachten wir, wir hätten Arnold verloren, bis uns ein Kollege HILTON vorgestellt hat, den sie für die langjährigen Krampfanfälle ihrer Tochter nannte und nach 5 Monaten Gebrauch geheilt wurde. Wir haben uns nie geglaubt, weil Ärzte, die wir besuchten, uns erzählten, dass unser Kindbeschlag nicht geheilt werden kann, also hatten wir wirklich Angst und weinten, während unsere Kinderbedingungen jeden Tag schlimmer werden. Ist wie zu sehen, wie dein Kind vor deinen Augen stirbt, und du kannst nichts tun, um ihn zu retten. Doc, danke für HILTON, westliche Ärzte waren alle falsch über Arnold, er fand Hoffnung in deinem Med.

Unser Sohn, Arnold, war ein Student, als er seinen ersten Anfall von Anfall hatte. Er war ein extra helles Kind, das seinen Traum verfolgte, um Arzt zu werden. Er war leidenschaftlich über das Fahren. Arnold war immer für seine Freunde und Familie da. Er war großzügig und nachdenklich von allen in der Familie, das machte ihn dazu, seinen Traum zu verfolgen, um ein Arzt zu werden. Er war das Lieblingskind meiner Frau. Er wollte schon immer Leben retten und darauf hinarbeiten. Aber traurig 2008 August, wachte er in ER auf.

Arnold sollte uns zum Picknick an diesem verhängnisvollen Tag fahren. Er liebte es zu fahren und war immer bereit, uns überall zu nehmen, wo wir hin wollen. Wir waren schon im Auto und warten darauf, dass er sich auf den Weg machte. Sofort öffnete er die Kabinentür, er fiel zu Boden und fing an zu wichsen, rollte auf dem Boden und drückte seine Zunge aus, die wir aus dem Auto herausschreckten. Es war das erste Mal, dass er ihn in einem solchen Zustand über 19 Jahre seines Lebens sah. Seine Krankheit war immer klein, was med kann leicht kümmern, aber nichts wie das, was wir sahen, dass am selben Tag. Verwirrt, ängstlich, stürzten wir ihn in den Wagen und fuhren ins Krankenhaus. Er wachte auf, konnte niemand für etwa fünf Minuten erkannt werden. Als er sich wieder erholte, fragte er, was mit ihm passierte, wir konnten keine Antwort geben, weil wir es auch nicht wussten. So begann Arnold mit Epilepsie zu kämpfen. Er wurde mit großartiger Epilepsie durch den Neurologen, den wir besuchten, diagnostiziert. Uns wurde gesagt, dass es keine bekannte Heilung gab, dass wir nur mit Medikamenten kontrollieren können.

Als die Jahre wegrollen, wurden Arnold-Anfälle so häufig; Er hatte unzählige Krampfanfälle in nur einem Tag! Seine Erziehung wurde in die Warteschleife gestellt; Er musste aufhören zu fahren und viele andere Dinge. Wir mussten uns an seine Art von Krankheit anpassen. Epilepsie war nicht das, was wir vor seinem Fall wissen konnten. Unser Kind leidet schrecklich vor Stürzen, gebrochenen Knochen und Verletzungen. Wir haben uns daran gewöhnt, ihn zu beobachten und ihm zu helfen, Sachen zu machen. Arnold wurde auf Dutzende von Medikamenten gelegt; Uns wurde gesagt, dass er diese Medikamente ohne eine Pause nehmen muss, sonst werden andere Effekte entstehen. Diese Medikamente hatten bereits extreme Auswirkungen auf ihn, von Hautausschlag, Blutungen und hohem Fieber. Wir haben uns so verängstigt, als er anfing, sich selbst zu töten. Selbstmord! Das war seltsam, wir konnten uns nicht einfach hinsetzen und unseren Sohn umbringen. Seit 6 Jahren nimmt Arnold Hunderte von epileptischen Medikamenten. Die Häufigkeit seiner Krampfanfälle war so schwer; Diese Drogen funktionierten nicht nur.

Ich wusste nicht viel über Epilepsie, bis mein Sohn eins hatte. Also habe ich es auf mich genommen, meine Erkenntnisse zu machen. Ich suchte nach einer besseren alternativen Behandlung oder was auch immer diese Medikamente wegnehmen wird. Ich las Blogs, über Kräuter, aber ich war nicht überzeugt, weil sein Neurologe uns erzählte, dass ihm keine Heilung bekannt war. So gehorchten wir uns seit sechs Jahren. Mein Durchbruch kam, als ich mir einen Mitarbeitenden über die Not meines Sohnes anvertraute. Bis dahin hielt ich mir das ganze Epilepsie-Ding, denn ich las Geschichten von Menschen, die wegen Angriffe stigmatisiert wurden, also wollte ich meinen Sohn vor Stigma schützen.

Meine Kollegin sagte mir, dass ihre Tochter einmal Beschlagnahme hatte, aber sie heilte sie mit HILTON Kräutermedikation für nur 5 Monate. 5 Monate! Und mein Sohn war seit 6 Jahren im westlichen Medi ... Sie teilte Dr. Mohans E-Mail mit mir, wo ich ihn für seine Medikamente für meinen Sohn kontaktierte. Er gab Anweisungen darüber, wie ich zu seiner Kräuterbehandlung umschalten sollte. Vor allem war ich glücklich für seine moralische Unterstützung, während mein Sohn seine Medikamente benutzte. 2 Jahre war jetzt, mein Sohn hatte nie einen einzigen Anfall nach Beendigung seiner Behandlung mit HILTON ... .. Ihr Med wirklich funktionierte schneller als westliche Drogen, die er für sechs Jahre nahm. Ich bin glücklich, seine Geschichte zu teilen, um anderen zu helfen, die das gleiche Problem zu sehen.

Heute ist Arnold wieder auf den Weg zu seinem Traum .... Er sagte mir, er erwägt, eines Tages als Kräuterarzt zu arbeiten ... lächle ... ich hoffe du wirst ihn willkommen heißen? Nochmals vielen Dank für HILTON!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015



What I am about to say might not be new to people from Africa, where superstition reign supreme. Where those with epilepsy are seen as being demonic, or possessed with evil forces. I hope to help people that their rejection might be worst than mine find hope again; those are ashamed of facing epilepsy and searching for a cure; those who societal institutions consider less human to be in schools and have a job because of seizures. I'm just hoping that it helps people understand that seizure or epilepsy should not stand against their goals in life, even when the world believes what they want.

My name is Akinyi Patrick and I’m 26 years old. I was diagnosed with grand mal seizure when I was 2 years old. Growing up as an epileptic girl in Africa wasn’t a nice story. It was totally a life of shame and depression as I was constantly rejected by my peers, and most family members who believed that epilepsy was contagious that I might infect them. In class, I was isolated; mocked, and bullied by those who have no knowledge of epilepsy.

I grew up to understand that my seizures were caused by illness which I suffered when I was 14 months. I asked my mum about my condition, how it started, and if there is hope for me, she said she did everything possible to find a cure for me. She gave me all the recommended medications; took me to various “witch doctors” suggested by kinfolks who believed that my seizures were an evil attack since no one in my family had such ailment. She visited Neurologists within and outside Kenya even to US. In all her efforts, the answers she got were that I might not live up to 7 years old because my seizures had become frequent and has resulted to epilepsy. According to her, she never gave up; she believed that one day I’ll find a cure. I survived the years predicted by doctors; but with frequent seizures, falls and broken bones from injuries.

Finishing school wasn’t an easy task. Seizures came most times during examinations and or while preparing.  So it was a struggle. My grades weren't where they needed to be to continue on with degree program after my senior school. So I started looking for a job. My family provided everything I needed growing up so we weren’t poor, but I felt the need to leave home to find people that might not reject me, or at least folks that are suffering the same ailment like me. I wanted to take control of my life. I always believed that if you have control over a condition you have, then it would it won’t be a disturbance. So I decided to go to job corps as my second option of gaining both Higher Education and a job. I received a Certificate from it, but I still struggled to find a job. I later enrolled in an online degree for further study….before I will begin my study online, I often looked up seizures and epilepsy foundation blogs and websites. I read a lot from people who suffer the same fate like me; their hope inspires me to believe that I will find a cure one day. Should I say hundreds of English Medications I was taking already had extreme said effect? That was part of it. But I couldn’t stop taking them, because I was advised that my seizures might just kill me if I stop. I only continued taking them because I believed that one day I’ll be free from epilepsy and no more drugs.

I was still desperate for a cure, so I continued my search for a cure, reading and Bookmarking blogs, following comments of people with epilepsy and blogs they shared. My breakthrough came the day I read a testimony about someone who was cured from epilepsy through HERBAL Medication… I followed the blog, and was awed when I read another epileptic patient testimony of being cured through the doctor’s herbal medicine. From what I learnt, the herbal medication was called HILTON anti-seizure medication… I contacted the doctor, and used his herbal medication; my epilepsy became a story after 2 months of use. Today, I am totally free from seizures after years of struggle with Epilepsy and English medications side effects…indeed miracles happens when we do not give up on searching for a way out…I find a cure with an ailment that started when I was 2 years old, I have celebrated years without recording seizure. THANKS TO GOD! AND TO HILTON ANTI-SEIZURE MEDICATION.